Products we provide

Apollo strives to bring their customers to new and exciting adventures in a fun and easy way. Our website provides a simple and affordable way to have fun. Below, you can choose from our three categories of Air, Water, and Land. Each category has new and exciting ways to experience a thrill of a lifetime.



The Air category is our most popular page explored by our customers. With thrills and excursions from Skydiving to Bungee Jumping, Apollo has a product for you.



The Water category is for our more adventurous customers. We provide options such as Scuba Diving, White Water Rafting, and even the new Hydro Jets.



The Land category is an option for every type of person. Want an adrenaline filled time with your friends? Try our Paintball or new Zorb Ball. Want to explore the off-road side in you? Try our ATV product.